Adams Morgan Main Street Improves Gateway Pocket Park

[from September 2007 issue]

By Janet Lugo-Tafur*

Have you seen the brand new benches by the pocket park at Columbia Road and Wyoming Avenue in front of the 7-Eleven? These divided benches, installed during the summer, are part of the Adams Morgan Main Street Group’s improvements. According to Main Street’s president, Lisa Duperier, “These benches have the traditional iron scroll work and cedar slats ‘look,’ but the ‘wood’ is actually a recycled plastic made to look like cedar.” These comfortable and attractive benches are already being put to good use by kids and families from Adams School and senior citizens waiting for the bus.

Adopted by Adams Morgan Main Street, this small pocket park has been renamed Llorente Park, thanks to legislation introduced by Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham. Named for Carolyn Llorente, an ANC 1C commissioner and all around Adams Morgan volunteer who passed on suddenly last year, the park is in sight of the Promenade Apartments where she had lived for many years.

Other Main Street improvements are the coordinating iron, rose arbor arch and stylized black bike racks which function as welcome sculpture and border to the planting area. Barbara Heil, also a longtime resident of the Promenade, heads the design subcommittee which landscapes and maintains the area. She is credited with bringing the urban-hardy, pink knock-out roses which are now becoming better known in city areas.

Many may remember the rodent-infested bushes that were there until Adams Morgan Main Street dug out the rat harborages and tilled down underneath to remove the underground burrows. The landscaping is a work in progress with part of the area being sunny and part shady. A cherry tree blooms in the Spring, assorted mums prosper in the most shady area, and lambs ear functions as a partial border.

Funds for the renovations have come from ANC 1C, The Lenkin Company, residents of the Promenade and the Altamont, and individuals such as Mark Wright, a former ANC commissioner, plus wine tastings hosted by Adams Morgan Main Street. The Adams Investment Group donated the fitting of the cement footings, rose arbor, and the racks and benches installation. Still to come is more landscaping and a future dedication ceremony. To make a donation or volunteer for this project and its upkeep or other projects, please call: (202) 232-1960 or visit

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* The writer is the utive Director of AdamsMorgan MainStreet.

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